Deep Down
2002-04-25 23:21:50 (UTC)

Wheat Thins

Mourning Guitar
How I love your tune
Mourning Guitar
I play you till noon.....

I'm getting darker!
Just what I've been looking for.
Sings out loud:
"Infatuation!!!!When I touch you, you touch you. And when I
hold you, you hold you. And when I kiss you, you kiss you.
So when I die, you die too. Infatuation!!! Everyday you
seem to grow a little underneath, my skin is burning,
feelings turning, pulling me beneath....."

*Bows* Thank you, thank you. I try.
I'm thinking about putting up a website for the band.
A lot of ppl keep requesting it.
We aren't gonna make it if we just keep doing local gigs
and selling c.d.s that Garrett made for us...

Lazy dayz.....
I'm gonna go to the gym and work out.
I ran into Naomi again and her friend Caleche.
Sounds like strippers names...I know.....
B/c they are!!!
They both want me...like......as in 3 some.
Every mans dream
*Shakes head*
Not mine
Far from
I feel sick
I had a VURP today
Any men want them?
I feel dirty b/c they touched me
Who knows.....they may even rape me!
Hey! Men get rapped Jess!!
I need to take a shower now...I feel sick
Nope.....gym first.
P.S. Thanks for the ride the other day!