2002-04-25 21:02:52 (UTC)

April 25, 2002... 3:22


I'm laughing at this girl who sent me a message back. I
know it's mean but I think she's kinda screwed up, like
everybody else, but wishes she wasn't. I didn't get 1/2 the
things she wrote to me. Couldn't tell whether she was
bitchy at my entry, the world or just wanted to reply to
something. I think I'm gonna check out her diary later.

The reason I put this as my begining is cause I don't know
how it worked, but I didn't get note of these messeges
before. I had 15 stacked up. A note to anyone replying
then: let me know what entry you are relplying to if
possible, cause I don't know when I'll get word of it.

Another note. This dude that sent me a message was very
generous. I think he answered everything I ever wondered
about. When it comes to computers that is. Thanks for that
whole parameter thing dude. I couldn't believe that
somebody replied to that. HAHAHAHA.

Well I'm in good humor today. That's mainly why I laugh and
smile. I think I was out of the house in the afternoon 3
times in a row, I have no homework and shorter school
hours. Plus the hallways, and just all the schools little
pet peeves have stopped since there were only Juniors in
the school. 3/4 of the school have been out. So the
hallways have been much quiter, and less crowded.

We took the PSAE's today. Took a shit load of time but it
was much easier, and I actually finished. After taking the
ACT's I thought I got dumb, and felt the same I did when I
was a sophomore. But like the books say, the ACT, is just
one of the hardest tests you will ever take in your life.
So I'm not worried. Besides I'm gonna retake it. Which
reminds me, I gotta register for the SAT's by tomorrow
online. I picked up the booklet today during 1st, but I
didn't realize I gotta mail it in, so I'm not gonna since
it's not gonna get there in time.

But anyway, I thought it was kinda fun. It was like a long
study session with a real cool study group. We tested, took
a break to talk, and even had a lunch delivered to the
class. It was a very nice, positive atmosphere. My friends
didn't like it much. Taking the test from 8 to 1:30. with
about an hour worth of brakes. It passed by fast for me
since once I took part of the test I kinda pushed that part
out of my memory. Hence I only remember part of the brakes,
and none of the questions. Except the marshmallow one. (I
really mispelled that.) I thought. HAHAHA, this is how they
get my mind not to wonder during a test. They write
questions for the science expirements about something
tasty. You had to read that question. It really made me
laugh. HAHAHA.

I hate that. He was nice
at first, and maybe he even is a nice guy, we joked around
with him during the break. But when I just look at my
friend's bunny for a second he practically yells at me.
What's up with that? Well the test is over so whatever.

Well now I was coming back and my friend and I decided that
since it's such a nice day we should hang somewhere. So I'm
gonna call her now since it's a minute to 4 on my computer.
I was gonna leave a P.S. but I don't remember what that
was. Oh well whatever. Chow!!!