I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-25 20:53:48 (UTC)

Someone got smart!

Yay! The message message that says how many messages you
have is not at the top of the my-diay.org managment page.
That is very helpful. Good for you, whoever you are!!

Let's see....FL is hot. Very hot. Today it's 95. And it's
only April. I am not looking forward to July. Just hung
around today. Not doing much. Of course, there is a ton of
stuff that I should be doing that I'm not. Not good at
all. Hmmm. Whatelse. Well, I'm gonna write about a girl
who has been writing to me about my diary, and I've
studiously been reading hers. I feel like I have a front
row seat to her life, and it's fascinating. I see alot of
my own qualities in her, and yet, we're completely
different. In another life, I can see us being very close
friends. I think we'd have alot to teach eachother. Odd.
It's very rare for me to connect like that to someone I
barely know, and I don't usually connect to girls. I seem
to relate better to men. Don't know why. But she seems
down to earth, able to hold her own, and I'm very proud of
her. So, congrats Mackenzie! Congrats for what, I dunno,
but you're fun :)

The other girl that I have connected with, Nicole, I miss
desperately. I hope Boston is treating her ok. And I still
miss Pete. I wonder what's going on in his life. I'm
afraid to talk to him because I feel like I'm a stalker
and that he's not interested and has his own life and
doesn't need some crazy girl obsessing over him. At least
to his face. Don't know what to do about him either.

I really really really have grown to like John Mayer even
more than before. I think he'd be a good friend as well.
You can never have too many friends in my book. Because,
like Mackenzie, my mom is my best friend. Sad, but not
really. We get along great. Okay, too hot to write
anymore. Gonna go put the sheets on my sister's bed so
that she can sleep on them tonight. Am I a nice sis or