El Diablo
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2002-04-25 20:49:18 (UTC)

My New Job!!! :-)

Dear diary,
Yesterday was my first day on the new job. :-) it was
grrrrr8. there are so many interesting people I met. Oh……
if I've 4gotten to mention, I changed my job
from “innovations”. Now I am the network admin and head of
IT in a new French company. I would have preferred a post
as a programmer but I guess this is better …. Oh well ….
Back to my adventure. (hehe) I got a run down of all my
responsibilities. Looking after the servers, redoing the
entire network, dealing with small computer problems here
and there…etc etc they are in the process of extending
their factory and adding a whole new floor for the IT dept.
The best part now is that I finally get my very own room
and a personal assistant. Although one thing disappointed
me a bit. When I was joining, I was introduced to my cute
little *female* assistant. She WAS a bit short, but cute
never the less. It turns out that she got transferred to
the accounts dept and I now get this silly looking guy
instead :-( :-( . he is kinda more qualified, but compared
to who I could have gotten, I am still willing to
trade :o) Just kidding! She wasn’t anywhere as
cute as my Hazel. God must have practiced on a million
girls and finally come out with perfection, which is Hazel.
Hummm … come to think of it Hazel was looking for a job in
the admin dept….. if we still were on talking terms, I
could have definitely got her in here putting in a word or
two. She is leaving for the US on the 6th of June for
good :-( . life can be so cruel sometimes. This is the
first time in my life that I ever felt that I was helpless
and that I had no control on the situation. Things were
just happening around me and I had to watch and could do
nothing. It felt as if I had given my heart to someone for
safe keeping and she threw it into the fire…… and all I can
do now is see it melt to a liquefied pulp of nothingness
before my eyes….
Damn …. I really start drifting away at this topic don’t
I ????? Nways…my room is still being prepared…. Getting it
all spick and span to make it suitable for “El Diablo’s ”
presence. He he .
I went to my old office this morning. Maaaan that place is
in a mess… there are so many problems there. One of them
being the virus I wrote specially for them ….ha ha ho ho.
Nothing major. Just a little revenge for not treating their
star player with respect. It spreads on a network and slows
down the host. But its ok now. I give the new guy (my
replacement) the antivirus today. See??? Instant respect!
Speaking of the new guy, they have made a real big boo boo
by hiring him. He is a sweet fellow, but does not have the
experience or the skill to do the job. He knows VB and has
worked with win 2k …full stop. That’s really baaad …..heck
….i knew much more then him when I joined the company.
Nways that’s not my concern anymore.

I think I will pack it in for the day ……

Until next time …. Its “astalavista, baby” from

-El Diablo