Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-04-25 20:34:32 (UTC)

Nobody Can Tell What The Matter Is....

Man, I've been so tired today, its those particularly
eventful days I have, all that thinking, formulating and
generally not doing.

Got into campus at least today, and got the mark for the
3000 word pathology (rumours that if people search through
my diary, those are the most commonly found words....are
confirmed). 58%. I don't know...its better clearly. Its
less than 60, also, clearly.

I felt at least 60. I suppose more reading was out of the
questions, even my style had altered sufficiently, and to
rise by 10% is a disappontment. Oh, so I didn't cover
Grice's principles? I worked through a more abstract and
relevant version - something I had to construct using
appropriate information (initiative) - and was denied
credit therefore.

I can't be bitter. (Well, I can be no more bitter than I am
with anything else) Everything is done fairly, everything
was justified - it just seems that I have no more 42% to go is this a peak? It can't be. I don't know.

This was accompanied by some terrible eye contact - some
things that were I not already insulted by the mark I
recieved would have insulted me quite a lot. Did I imagine
it? I doubt it. As an alleged member of the cognoscenti
(not determined by this character) I have spent a lot of
focus on eye contact, and for that matter didactism in
speech, both of which were throwing out insults during the
lecture today.

And then I came home and slept. I just woke up. The
concrete broke my fall.

WILT? Distant Shore - (England, Half English) - Billy Bragg
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