Dark past-TIME
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2002-04-25 20:22:44 (UTC)

Johnathan on honeymoon

the night before on saterday larry and i had sex really
late in the wheral pool bath tub i didnt like the thing it
made larry itch and i thought it was to late but larry and
i made love in in he ate me out so so much he was all over
my pussy with his lips and fingers and hands and tough
everything we tryed to have sex in the tub but we couldnt
so we went out on our bed and made love there it was great
we were totally into it but then on sunday larry and i were
at the resort pool with Dasiy i started to get tired of
swimming so i said i was going to get out i got out of
the pool and went over to lay down not to long after
Dasiy and Larry came over and we headed up to the room
were Mark was cooking some food..
we get there and i go into our bedroom (the master
bedroom) and go to take a shower larry comes in and i
was taking off my bathing suit i look down and theres
blood on the floor so i take off my bathing suit and
find that i am bleeding we decide to just get in the
shower and i start to have pains (they were
contractions) so larry says lets call Kaiser so we do
we get the information and we go out and tell Mark and
dasiy whats going on..
we get there and Daisy and i are sitting down Marks
parking the car and larry is telling the doctors whats
going on and they come to get me right away..
wheeled me up to labor and delivery i was in pain and
scaried and all kinds of other feelings.. larry was
there with me tho..
they have me put the gown on and start an IV and all
that after telling them whats going on the first nerse
i had was really nice after that i only got one more
that i really liked..
larry and i were there in Palmsprings at a Kaiser
affelated hospital tell tuesday.. laurie came to get
us it was the most scaryest i have ever been but larry
was there bye my side the hole time holding my hands
and waking everytime i had to pee when i was able to
get up and pee everything larry took better care of me
with the stuff they had me hooked up to then them
themselfs did he was also getting juice for me all the
everything that i had done was on my left arm i had
blood takin 3 times my IV was put in 2 different times
one hand one arm on my right arm i got blood taking 5
times stuck in the butt 2 times and had a cathider(sp)
and all kinds of other tests.. they had me on some
heavy drugs for the contractions that made me really
nervous and shaky and emochional but larry was there..
i am home now and feeling a little better really
little better only reasion i feel better is i am home
and not at the hospital they have me taking pills
still for the contractions i have to take them every 4
hours and my antybiotics(sp) every 6 hours its a hard
thing to remember really hard and now i am even more
tired but i have larry and Johnathan will be out
was it a great honeymoon yes i would change it for
the world not only did we go to the resort and have
lots of fun while it lasted, Larry and i, i feel had a
chance to bond even closer to eachother it opened my
eyes to trust him more not that i didnt and it opened
his eyes to just how much he loves me..
I learned not drinking enouph water causes
precontractions and bleeding not fun.