a dusty book in a forgotten hole
2002-04-25 20:19:08 (UTC)

1 glass 2 straws?

why is it that when we are young everything seems so
simple. nothing ever matters. a friend from my past
appeared today. when we were young we were the same or had
a great deal in commen and yet now when looking at one
another she sees a girl with a familure face unkept hair a
dress bought at a thrift store and more holes in ehr pants
then are worth counting. and when i look over i see the
face of a friend from long ago. nothing more nothing less.
i am the odd one. there for looking at her i do not bother
to notice her clotheing or the eprfect hair. i try and
seethe friend i spent my childhood with. the girl that i
told everything to. in hopes that maybe she wont forget me.
pretned as though we were never the best of friends. as she
looks at me looks at my room. it is plain to see that she
is surprised. we grew up the same. but turned out so
differntly. waht a shock. waht a surprise we promised to me
friends forever. yet now we notice that we have litle to
speak of and little to compair. but we try . we try becasue
we were the best of friends.