a dusty book in a forgotten hole
2002-04-25 19:44:12 (UTC)

....beatiful day

there is no sun its dreary and dark, a beatiful day the
kind i enjoy most. there is nothing to fear becuase nothing
is happening. but with that illisoin only sorrow shall
come.if you belive that all is fine.. you enver really
learn anyhting. for what of the people who sit.. sit and
wonder, if maybe this time they should let the steal slip
let hte cold knife dance a bloddy path across there
wristes.. in hopes that this will solve there problems. in
hopes that in death comes true life. But others dont want
to see this .. they only wish to pretend . pretned that te
sun is shineing though the clouds are crying out cold hard
tears. that its bright and beatiful though dark and
desolate and that the people around them are like dolls. a
life lived but nto really felt. not a real life at all but
at least it is one with out pain. that is what those around
us pretned. so of course. it is another beautiful day.