lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-25 18:23:06 (UTC)

impatience leads to widow's peaks

yes, kids. the piece of hair is gone. it's old news by
now, but whatever. i'm really proud of my new hairline!
(haha not)

i know i haven't written anything of actual substance for a
while...but yeah. we celebrated my birthday on saturday,
sunday, and tuesday so i feel sufficiently celebrated. now
i'm sweeeeeet 16 and never been kissed. haha my friends
had a little intervention on saturday..."are you SURE this
is your sweet sixteen? you had to have kissed david. i
KNOW you did. you can tell us the truth!" luckily it
didn't turn into a "just say it!!" moment. haha oh well.

and umm i'm reeeeally tired & sore. i need waaaay more
sleep. plus i've been running a lot & killing myself.
yesterday i thought, "dar dar. why don't i do 200s in the
canyon? dar dar!" it was horrible. and i was coming out
of the canyon and this guy saw me like hobbling along and
said, "all finished there? huh huh!" and i smiled and was
relieved but kinda forgot i still had to run another mile
on mission oaks. OH WELL! now i'm dead.

that's my story of the day. and indians rule, ok? thanks.

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