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2002-04-25 17:25:58 (UTC)

surgery ?

im still thinking bout stuff. i dont know im so scared. im
19 yrs old and i feel like a loser. i have to go the doctor
in june or july i think. in march, he found an ovarian
cyst...i knew there was something wrong with me....i could
feel the pain...but the pain is much diminished now. im
juss hoping that i dont have 2 get surgery or anything--i
hope it doesnt show up in the sonagram. anothher thing, i
have today off, and i didnt open a book yet....i haven't
opened a book and studied since midterms. i hav too much
stress for someone who is 19. i feel like im 50. but im
juss 19. i have too much stuff to worry about...and it
really annoys me when my friends bitch about the little
things of life---stupid guys, stupid grades, yada yada. i
tink that people should not worry bout such trivial things.
right now, im worried about my health, and it's much more
imp't than trivial things people make so important. right
now im talking to justin--i can't believe he transferred
schools.....i miss him. im babbling

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