Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-04-25 16:51:38 (UTC)


Ok, I'm much better now. Not enough sleep by any means
(thanks so much, boys: I ask you, who makes popcorn at 3:30
am on a weeknight?)but I can rectify that later. I'm
actually doing pretty well today, all things considered.
Jen took away the link in her diary entry, so I'm feeling
much better, and I issue an apology to her and to anyone
else I may have offended. I don't have many flare of
tempers often, but it seems when I do, I go crazy. And it's
ONE WEEK UNTIL FINALS! By May 10th, I'll probably be gray
or bald, as my defense mechanisms involve either going gray
or going INSANE. So again, I apologize sincerely.

I've gotten work done today already! My paper for Comp and
Rhetoric has been revised and I expect a VERY good grade on
this assignment (Again, our presentation KICKED ASS).
Darcie gave me envelopes to begin addressing to mail out
copies of Ginger Hill, the poetry/art publication magazine,
and I ran out of them! I'm gonna have this done tonight and
make Holly help me stuff them and mail them out tomorrow (I
slacked enough with the acceptance letters). Nothing to be
done for my classes later today! Only a map to study for
tomorrow. Finally, my back and neck don't feel all cramped
and uncomfortable anymore.

So off I go, to do more stuff or take a nap. Apologies


Quote of the Moment: (Or... Deep Thoughts... With Holly
Holly: No no, I just spaced out for a minute. I remembered
this episode of Full House where Jesse decides to skydive
as his last wild act as a bachelor and he ends up getting
stuck in a tree, so I thought all skydivers should bring
cellphones with them when they jump so they can call
someone to pick them up.