2002-04-25 16:21:08 (UTC)

you put up with a lot from..

you put up with a lot from emily that she wouldnt put up
with for you.

um "thats not true."


so shes partying tonight..
i dont know but im assuming caras going to be there.


im pretty sure that shes spending the night with her too.


yeah even so...
i trust her.
i trust her to do whatever is right for her anyway.

its hard to think that it may not be me..
but no
you know.
after everything i know i hold a fuck of a lot in her heart
dispite everything
and i really doubt that she would be willing to sacrifice
you know.

i dont know for sure.

as i told her before she left
im not expecting anything.
but oh my god
i really hope everything works out...
i know it will somehow.
but im just scared.
of course.
but i do trust her.
more than anyone apparently can understand.
i know things are going to be fine.

breathe ashley.