shifting mists
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2002-04-25 16:03:46 (UTC)

i am a lie ...

my appearance is deceptive my silence is deceptive
it tells a story it tells a story
it tells a lie it tells a lie
speaking to those around me even to myself
it lies i lie

i seem fine i pretend i'm fine
i feel fine i pretend it's not there
i am fine for a moment ... a day ... the month
things are ... fine ignore it

no one can see the sickness inside i tell no one
alone i hide them
within i carry the heavy thoughts the urges
dark swirling shadows no one wants to hear about it
they are heavy no one wants to KnoW about it
yet no one can see them not even me

i carry them without complaint and the shadows remain

the pain the pain remains
the feelings the feelings ache
the thoughts of death i feel like dying . often

i am strong enough i move forward ... alone
no one guesses they are there because no one can know how i feel

G.D. Copyright 2002

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