Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-30 19:27:16 (UTC)

., reference....

I'm tired of being trampled on...tired of being accused of
things....tired of slight remarks that cut like a knife.

And I don't think I deserve that.

Actually I KNOW I don't deserve that. of now...I won't accept that anymore....I only get
treated that way because I let it happen....I'm too
nice...I'm too forgiving....qualities that can be
considered good work against in part with my
self destruction.

This is to no one in particular...this entry is dedicated
to things in my people treated me like shit
back when it hurt the I let people push me
around because I was the geek...the fat girl...the shy
girl....I never had a name.

No one ever used my name.

So, it's natural for me to have felt like a looser....but
it's unnecessary for me to continue to condone that
behavior from people. I'm grown..I'm wise..I'm alive and I
have a name.