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2002-04-25 15:07:26 (UTC)

Why did this Happen?

Well this morning my cell had two voicemails on it one of
them was my friend the other i thought was my ex-fiancee,
b/c he had showed up at my work last night, and i started
crying b/c the message said that he had been thinking about
me and he needed to talk to me, well come to find out that
it wasn't him, it was so asshole who called me to tell me
that he liked me, i was so pissed now i feel bad b/c i
actually beleived some asshole to be my ex-finacee i feel
so stupid. The look in my ex-fiancee's eyes last night was
miraculous. it was like the world had stopped turning and
all that was left moving was us, it was great. if anyone
call tell me wether their might be another chance for us
write me please.