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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2002-04-25 14:49:00 (UTC)

Haircut, bingo, monopoly, being stepped on...

Yesterday, I got a haircut. Guess what? Now, i look like a
tomboy. :| Well, haircuts don't always turn out the way you
want. In my case, i was supposed to have this really cool
hairstyle of a model who happens to look like Posh Spice.
Bah. Who cares. I knew it wouldn't turn out the way i want.
Yeah, you can say i was 'prepared'. My hair was longer than
my shoulder and i didnt want to keep long hair coz i think i
don't look nice with long hair. I have a childish or i'd
rather say 'young' look as i tend to look younger than my
age. Did i mention this in my previous entries? Anyway, last
night i stayed at my friend's place. You could say it's a
slumber party. All of us were there except for WH. I was
pretty pissed with her not trying to make an effort to come.
This is the second time of the month. We rarely get-together
since we graduated from high school. BAh. Who cares? We
played Bingo and Monopoly and had a hell of a time. Monopoly
was really silly. We altered the rules a little. HY owed MS
money and morgaged her probperties without buildings and KY
suggested that she sell uh...i forgot what it was.. it was
light blue. Anyway, PY wanted it too since she only has a
few sites. And, they started bidding and it was so
hilarious! Then, i became the auctioner. We yelled and
laughed so hard that my throat was a little sore. And, when
they left the room, I stole some money from the bank!
HhHAHAa.. Don't tell anyone! Lol. And when they came in, i
was containing myself from laughing. YEah, it was silly. We
played monopoly for hours and my back's aching so i decided
to quit since i have mortgaged all my properties and have
less than $2,000. Hey, someone HAS to lose. After the game,
we watched VCD till 2am. AND, around 2 the alarm rang.
Apparently, my dear soccer-crazed friend wanted to watch the
soccer match and she STEPPED on me. I was crying in pain at
2.30am. I think she stepped on me twice. Yes, as a matter of
fact she did. Next time, I'll be sure not to sleep next to