the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2002-04-25 14:46:14 (UTC)

the first time its his fault the second was mine and the third god im such an idiot

does it ever occur to guys that when they say they are
gonna be some where that they need to actually follow
through......i was actually begining to think he wouldnt
lie to me but that theory flew out the window
i just dont get it i really dont understand
am i that easy for people to shit on
i mean grrrr
i told him when he called and said he couldnt go cause he
had to work that when he decided it was important enough to
him to call me and then i got off the phone
yes i understand that he has to work but he shouldnt have
promised if he couldnt uphold it
so Im done with the whole thing
i think instead of going to texas im gonna drive down and
see my wesley
he has a guy he wants to introduce me to and says we are
perfect for each other
maybe if wes thinks it will work it will
he hasnt ever let me down ever
well all since im sure your tired of hearing about my
sorrows and my complaints of the opposite gender
i will go
buh bye