Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-04-25 13:36:29 (UTC)

tylenol flu sucks

sittin here, 9:34am, snifflin im so sick, drinkin cinnamon
apple tylenol flu, it tastes so bad...havent gone to school
since monday, havent had the money, i would of left early
today anyways, being sick, id be so miserable i wouldnt be
able to concentrate and get work done. Gotta call Frisch's
today and see about a job, if i dont get that im gonna
apply to hardees and taco bell. Need money badly, tomorrow
or saturday, josh, chris, anthony, and i are gonna go eat
chinese and see a movie, for josh's late bday present, he's
so spoiled, but he spoils me, he's been trying really hard
lately to do little things, suprises to make me happy its
so cute. I dont know what my problem with him is, I feel
bad that i feel the way i do, i feel bad cuz it feels like
i love him just as much as he loves me, but that he's in
love with me so much more, i wish i could be everything to
him, i wish i was my old self again, my michigan self. I
was fun, I wasnt always moody or depressed, now just being
around me is a drag. Well im gonna go try to sleep, to get
better, im so sick.....

mood:humble, sick, tired