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2001-05-30 19:14:42 (UTC)

today is the first day...

Well today is my first entry for one of these things and I
really am at a lose of things to put in it that have much
meaning. But then again isnt that what these are for is,
for me to go on and on about nothing that even has much

As with much of my life today is a boring day. nothing
really to do and with the crap that is the weather outside
i really dont want to do anything. the only thing that is
even happening right now is, I am waiting on a promotion at
my job. it will give me 3 bucks more and it it will make
life a little more fun and i will still have the same
amount of work to do there. But if i dont get the damn
thing i will be a little pissed off and it will most likely
set the amount of time i will remain there. Considering i
had only planned on working out this year so that i could
get instate tution at the college i am at right now and it
would help get residency so i dont have to pay out the jang
to learn something. so ya i am kinda at odd at to what the
end of this week will bring.

I really wish that i could find a female that i could find
an interest in and most of all her be single and not
scandlistic. because that is all i can seem to attract is
the ones that arent going to get me anywhere in the long

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