2002-04-25 13:20:46 (UTC)

i can barely eat. or talk. i..

i can barely eat.
or talk.

i hurt.

emilys in deleware.
today she sees cara. most likely.

i work today.
i have class too.

i dont feel very good.
i wish i could just go back to sleep.
but yeah thats not happening

im so glad that im done with my sex class
yay for me getting an a
and no final
thats so awesome

i have strawberries =) =) =)

you know
i cant help it.
this feeling.

she said it wouldnt..
lead back.
and its not that i dont believe her.
or trust her or anything of the sort.
its just that.
i have a lot on the line here...

enough thinking.
today is not a day for that