Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
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2001-05-30 19:07:06 (UTC)

Tired? HELL YES!

So, within the past week ive worked (alot), drank (even
more), made up with some friends (woohoo! hi angel, danni!)
fought with one (which im still sorry bout) and well...ive
made myself tired.

but lets go into detail.....
so, i work 11-4 which isnt bad but, welll its a long ass
shift when you work in fast food (only two more weeks to
go). soo everyday after work i go home and pass out.
after i wake up from my 3 hr nap, i usually high-tail it
over to my cuzins house where we all (all being her, my one
friend and me) proceed to chill. i drink my "juice" heh,
and we all talk about tossing salads...(dont ask...really.
i guess we just like our greens).
and so after doing that lil' thang for a week or so, we
(cuz and i) went down town (to a white party at club
marcellas..awesome dance floor). but anyhow, i was pmsing
and not feeling so hott. with all that piling up on my
shoulders i wanted to get the hell outta there. after a
lil bit of complaining we left. well, when i got to my
cuz's house, we got online where we ended up talkin to this
guy. i guess i sorta blew up or wotever and told him off
online. i really didnt mean too (well, yes i did, but im
sorry for it) and uh yea. so thats about it. i guess we re
cool, cause he hung out with us the following day.

THEN, my girl angel, came up from florida for something and
gave me a call. we went out for coffee and laughed our
asses off (only after i became deified!). but it was a
great after noon!

anyhow, stuff like that has happened all month long and let
me just say, im a tired bitch!!!!! very, very tired.
so with that, im gonna haul my happy/tired/queeny-ass
upstairs to bed.