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2001-05-30 18:46:39 (UTC)

Another day with nothing to do...

Guess what yesterday got my pictures from my field trip.
It was okay but the picture that Vunita took of Seth was
really blury and scary. It's okay though because she still
got his face. It's a good thing that i took another one of
him while he was walkin to his bus. It was clearer but he
was far away. I plan to take another picture of him next
school year. Hehe hopefuly it would be better. Then last
nyte I went online then I talked to jenny and a little bit
of Tiffany. She had to leave b'coz she had to do her
laundry. That's what i'm doing now. Then i decided to
join my sister and my cousin to watch Urban Legends. And
oh yeah before all that we took a swim first.

Then I woke up next morning, fixed myself some pizza sticks
(it was good) then went online. Jenny, my cuz, sharon, and
that dude named josh was on. I only talked to my cuz and
jenny then tiffany went on and talked to her for a little
bit. Then ryte now doing laundry and i just ate lunch.
and also watching she's all that. I think imma check my
mailbox l8r to see if the letter from jenny is already
there (hey thanx "chickie"). then i might go swimming
again. I plan to just swim for the whole summer. so that
i wouldnt be that bored. oh well whatever! well g2g now
so bye!