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2001-05-30 18:31:37 (UTC)

I Just Don't Understand

Last night I went out to a club with some old friends and
coworkers. My boyfriend went also, that was a mistake. All I
wanted was to make sure that everyone was having a good
time. My duties Do Not include babysitting someone that was
feeling a little neglected. If that was the case, talk to
other people, make the effort, don't expect others to come
to you. Never make assumptions like that. If you want the
conversation or company, than you should be the one to make
an attempt.

There were people there that I haven't seen for ages, so of
course I wanted to spend some time with them. It's
unfortunate that my BF feels that I blatantly ignore him
once my friends are around. He tells me that he doesn't want
to intrude in my conversations, so he'll just sit there and
be a loner with no one to talk to. Yes, to some degree I do
feel awful, but honestly now, what am I supposed to do? Take
him to a class about Conversation and Company 101?

After the night was over and we were driving home, he told
me that he was irritated. I shouldn't have been surprised,
but I was. He feels that whenever we all go out, once I'm in
the presence of other people, he's nothing more than a
shadow on a wall. That's understandable, these people are my
friends, and yet they're also his friends. Is it that
difficult to talk to people? I can understand talking to a
stranger, but talking to friends?

I have yet to figure out the male brain, and how it

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