Meshed Up
2002-04-25 08:20:33 (UTC)


i think i offended somebody when i accidentally did not
shake his hand when i was introduced to him. i don't even
know if he wanted to shake my hand. he smiled and said hi,
i said hi, his hand was slightly outstretched..but not
stretched enough for me to feel compelled to shake it.
anyway, when we parted ways, he didn't say goodbye. so did

i was licked by a dog today. i was a bit freaked out. not
because i don't like being licked, but because i couldn't
help but wonder if a pimple or two (or 10) will pop out
from the spot on my face that the dog licked. i have bloody
sensitive skin. i hate it. i also hate the way that i'm
talking right now. i sound like a bimbo.

i've never fully appreciated the rain until today. i
walked and walked, loving the dark weather, feeling the
drops of rain falling on me. i took off my jacket and
embraced the cold, embraced the rain. i could feel the wind
biting on my hands, my arms...and i loved it. i feel alive.

i feel the coldness of the window as i put my fingers on
it. i didn't know i could feel so warm while loving the
cold. such a dark day. such a beautiful day.

my discman is sick. it's dying. i don't know what's wrong
with it. and to think i finally got my hands on good

my highlighter died on me yesterday as well. so is my pen.
it's dying. sigh. i need conditioner, and facial tissue. i
need food.

basically i need to go to the supermarket. but i'm bloody
broke. and i have to go for a $190 medical check up. what
is wrong with the world?