Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-04-25 06:52:22 (UTC)


*Spotlight fills the diary entry, then narrows down into a
single beam with falls direct on Nikkie-chan, who is
dressed in her pretty purple dress and holding a microphone*

Hello Friends!

And you others.

Nikkie-chan here! Welcome, welcome, any newcomers! You see,
I wasn’t expecting company, but it seems that certain
parties feel the need to post a link to the diary entry of
someone they neither know nor like. So welcome welcome,
regardless. I refuse to close my diary to the public
because of the insecurities of other people, and I advise
any of you who may be joining us from this new link, I do
not hold back (I also don’t spend 6 pages worth of type
detailing every single miniscule event of my day). I use
this online diary to reflect and vent and if I say
something in here that you don’t like and you respond to it
in an attempt to bitch me out or make me feel bad (and it’s
happened in the past), these responses WILL be ignored.
You’re not worth my time if you feel you need to reply to
my diary instead of me. The only response that will be
attained by doing so will the act of making Nikkie feel
more powerful than she already does, because through her
writing she has managed to enrage you without even having
to do anything more than speak her mind. Just a
precautionary note. See, this diary was really only meant
to be read by people that I gave out my diary address to:
namely, Heather, Michelle, Shannon, Beth Ann, and any of my
other close friends at SRU. That’s OK though, if you’re
here for a reason other than bitching me out, you’re
welcome to stay.


Should you have joined us for the reason OF bitching me
out, I’ve prepared a SPECIAL SONG just for you! See, I’ve
been having a bad week with all of this continuing
controversy that distresses my dear Michan so, and people
at school pushing their weight around. So to all of you,
please enjoy this little tune by the wonderful band, Reel
Big Fish. I’ve had it up to here and I just don’t care
anymore! To hell with politeness! HIT THE MUSIC!!!

*cue peppy rock music*

I just made an enemy of someone I don't know
And they are upset about somethin' that I
Must have done. It really doesn't make much
Sense well I've got no statement in my defense

I know, no matter what, no matter who, no
Matter what I do, SOMEBODY HATES ME (Somebody Hates Me…)
And I Hate somebody too.

Did you misunderstand
Something that i did or was there one of my
Jokes that you didn't get or do you think
You've got
The way I think all figured out.
What did I say, to make you feel I'm not cool

I know, no matter what no matter who no
Matter what I do, SOMEBODY HATES ME, (Somebody Hates Me…)
And I Hate somebody too.

I know its wrong, but I do
It to and I guess I should say, don't let it get
To you. I know, no matter what no matter who
No matter what I do somebody hates me and I
Hate somebody too somebody like you.

Still here? Cool.

So, to progress, I’ve been having a slightly rotten week. I
resolved the issue of philosophy only to have a new problem
arise: Business Writing. When I checked my grade online, I
was very surprised to see that the grade I’d received on my
last portfolio project was a grand 25% of the total points
possible, which brought my grade down to a D. I was upset
and confused, but learned tonight that this low grade was
the result of the incompletion of a unspoken and further
unwritten requirement of the project to include how our
audience was specifically being addressed in each part of
the portfolio. Now that we know this, our group is taking
care of it, and our grade should rise considerably! The
teacher really liked our work, but had to dock points for
the missing element. Boy, am I glad that’s been resolved! I
don’t need any more gray hairs!

My speech on Saturday Night Live went spectacularly! The
professor actually complimented me on good delivery of my
part of the presentation and we really were able to
entertain our class (they loved the Cajun Man skit! I wish
I could have found one of the Ladies’ Man or Celebrity
Jeopardy). After class I attended the Ginger Hill
Publication ceremony (I’m the archivist, and I found out
that I get a nifty plaque!). I get to start mailing these
magazines out soon, so I’ll have even more to do this
weekend! My friends on campus are going to Comicon this
weekend, but I’m poor, so I’m not going. Besides, I’ve got
work that needs to be accomplished, and this will make my
parents happy. Not as happy as if I switched my major to
pharmacy but… Alex will still be around with Paul, so I can
hang out with them. I think my roomie is going to Ohio.
That poor, poor biology major… I couldn’t do that much
work. I ended up spending 2 hours in Jess’ room tonight
because I’d been holed up in my room alone working on
Business Writing.

Holly joined the SRU girl’s hockey team! She’s also going
to rent an apartment across the street from Miller
Auditorium for next year, so she’ll be very close to the
dorm me, Heather and Michan are rooming in together! Next
semester is going to kick total ass! I only wish our plans
to take the same public speaking class had worked out.
Maybe in the spring…

Well, I’ve still work to do for the rest of the week! It’s
2:30 AM and all, but hey, my roomie is still up and working
and I want to play that PS2 I got for my birthday SOMETIME!
(I’ve been really good about not playing it when I’ve got
work due in the immediate future). Sooooo long!

*Disappears in puff of purple smoke, spotlight disappears*

Cutest Purple Fairy There Ever Dern Was