the magenta files
2002-04-25 06:14:15 (UTC)


hey, i just realized that i didn't finish
writing "entertain"on my jeans in pen, so it just
says "enter", yes, school is like my earth (that
place between heaven and hell). Good and evil coexist so
closely and are so easily confused and combned. My
sanctuary, escape, and motivation exists with my
frustration, worry, and pure boredom. The drama room is on
campus. see? i just think that's interesting. cuz, at
BeatSpeak tonight, i just conjured up a poem in half a
minute that had something to say about how the one thing
that keeps me up is suspended, surrounded, by the thing
that keeps me down. and they just coexist. like a strange
good and evil. like earth. and i am just experiencing it,
living it, like they all are too, but their own ones, but
like mine. that's just they way it seems/ or is..."my
wooden slanted sanctuary in my hundred year old hell".you
get it?
-this may be a little different if we had our theatre, but same
principal. goodnight.