Older person getting older: Thoughts
2001-05-30 18:18:57 (UTC)

Goodnight Sweet Woman

A touch of my shoulder, would suffice. A half smile of
understanding would ne'er-do-well. Fingers lightly circling
the small of my back; A blanket tightly pulled around me; A
kiss of comprehension; Some sign of womanly
acknowledgement. -this my craving, my desire.
The house is quiet; there is no peace. The children
napping; they keep me awake (lying heavy in my mind).
I hate this day, for the woman not here. I hate that she
doesn't reassure me a job well done. I hate this day for
the soreness in my back; and the redness of my eyes.
Where is my touch? What happened to the smile, the kiss,
or the simple words "tomorrow will be a better day"? Who
robbed me of these pleasures?
Where is the woman who lies naked in my bed? Where is she
that sleeps on my chest? She, that knows how to make it all
I scream to the Gods "Who robbed me?" There is no answer.
I want to be spoiled today. I want to be taken care of. I
want her to hold me in her arms. I want to be allowed to
weaken. I want easily; to be loved (The kind of love only a
woman can give).
Must I weep? Will she appear for the price of my tear? No,
more likely not.
My heart is heavy, my thought low. Goodnight sweet woman.
Good night alone.