Everything Just Died
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2002-04-25 04:25:16 (UTC)


I'm glad that I drove without my dad. I haven't drove for
long time. Last spring break my brother's girlfriend let me
drove. So I drove to the mall with Matt. Matt was stop by
my house when he got home and I was at seattle for therapy.
I don't know if I'll hang out with Matt tomorrow. I'm just
happy. Oh! I saw Cody at the mall. He used to work at Hot
Topic. So the co-worker told me that Cody moved back to
Cali. So Cody just told me that he went to Cali for school.
So right now he work at Suncoast. Damn Cody look so hottie
and cute. I think he still have same girlfriend. I still
tall than him. Damn I miss Cody I think I haven't see him
like a year. Cody is like 23 or 24 right now. I haven't
call other Matt yet. So I don't want call anyone now. I
miss Matt so much I really want him to ask me out. I called
Matt last night and talked about stuffs. He going to take
me to the concert soon. I think he forget about the movie
on first of the month. Oh well Laterz