O_o HuH?
2002-04-25 03:46:16 (UTC)

Well, it was more than a day, but a late entry is better than no entry..

I'm not sure how to express myself at the moment. Mostly
I'm confused, but my heart is totally lost. I can't seem to
make any sense out of what's going on now. It's been 27
days (nearly a month) since I saw Lacey. I've talked to her
a few times, but mostly she's never around. Pretty sad, I
actually count the days. Every time I call, she's, out with friends, i dunno. I can only recall
one time that she actually called me...and it was for a
damn good reason, too. She was just thinking about me. So
what's happened since then? Does she not think about me
anymore? Did I fuck up somewhere? Did I do something
wrong?? I'm really lost here...

I go to sleep every night hoping that I'll wake from this
dream to see you there by my side...but instead, I awake to
realize that yet another day has gone by that I haven't
seen you.

I never really knew what I had until it started slipping
away...have I lost touch, or is this supposed to be an