Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-04-25 02:57:15 (UTC)

Gone Forever

Tired of lying
Scared of dying
Sick of acting like I'm o.k
Thought about slitting my wrist today
Am I brave enough to commit suicide
I feel like inhailing some carbon-minoxide
I'll sniff some anthrax until I'm no longer alive
The label says 2 pills but I'll take 25
And when people ask why I O.Ded my mom will say
maybe she just had a bad day
Now I'm dead and at my funeral everyone cried
Nobody was glad that I had died
And what makes me really wanna scream and shout
Is that I thought suicide was the only way out.

~Seriously, that was a very bad day I was never really
gonna kill myself...I aint that crazy...I wrote this awhile
ago...I'm a really happy person most of the time.~