Queen Bee

2002-04-25 02:39:24 (UTC)

my best friend.

well i guess thats what you would call her. raven and
lips have been spending more time together so that means no
time for the best friend. i found out that raven had
stopped taking her birth control pills and her and lips had
unportected sex and that she was trying to get pregnant to
prove something to her mother i guess i really dont know
but im pissed cuz she lied to my moms face when my mom told
ravens dada bout what was going on. ever since she got with
lips, shes been acting like she doesnt have to do anything
and lips thinks he solved all of her problems and the only
reason why he thinks that is because everytime she has a
problem hes there to solve it for her or to take her away
from reality, but shit happens and people have to deal with
it, i guess we're all not lucky enough to have someone deal
with shit for us.

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