Deep Down
2002-04-25 02:23:19 (UTC)

The Thrills of Being In A Sane State of Mind

So here I am.
Yes, this is me.
I haven't done very much today.
Went to class, came home, that's about it.
I need to go to the gym.
So Jess...I haven't talked to Neeley lately.
I am not worthy?
Haven't talked to Star...I'd still like to be friends.
I mean, I'm not one to hold grudges.
I love everyone.
Impossible to say, I know, but I do.
I'm just a happy hippie aren't I?
God, I wish I had something mildly interesting to say.
*Scratches head*
*Sighs in desperation and gives up*
Meet me at the "spot" tomorrow morning.....7am.
I wanna surf.
I want someone to go with.
Be there or be......*shrugs* I dunno.


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