1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-04-25 02:07:58 (UTC)

a normal entry

ok for all those that have been reading this thing I am not
going to write a dream in here or talk about some phone
call I had or anything like that I am just going to tell
you about my day I woke up and had to get Chance in the
house at about 5 which sucked cuz I went to bed at 4 and
couldnt get back to sleep so I cleaned and did all the work
I was suppost to do today with out waking up anyone and
then about 2 me and my grand mom desided to go to a movie
we went to the Scorpion King the rock cant act but other
then that I liked it, my g-mom saw one that she wanted to
see so I am going to take her either tomorrow or the next
day when ever she wants to go, I got contacts about a week
ago idk if I said anything about them on here or not but I
got them and am trying to get use to them well I guess
thats about it or all I am going to write anyway so ttyl