Nicky's World
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2002-04-25 02:03:35 (UTC)


DRIVING!!! gosh i have my learners, which i have had for a
while. but my mom is just now getting to where she wants to
yell at me for everything. even if i'm not doing anything
wrong. we argued the whole way back about he not yelling at
me. it was crazy!

so anyways what have i done today? I MADE YEARBOOK STAFF!i
so happy! i wanted it so bad and i finnaly got it!

i cut my self twice in art today with this sculpting thing
it hurt! i don't know how i did it twice i just got into my
art work and wasn't paying mush attintion to what i was
doing i guess.

well i went to church and it was fun. brandon had half his
hair spiked and the other half normal. but that's just
brandon for i guess.

:( brittani is leaving tomorrow. i'm going to miss her so
much she's probable one of the coolest people i know. she
sayes she going to come back for church cam though. she
better or i'll have to all alone:( cause no one else is
going. so i hope she does what she says.


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