OhBaby It Is Me

2002-04-25 01:04:24 (UTC)

Too Much

Avman818: hola
RobertLover411: hi
Avman818: how is angela today?
RobertLover411: fine
RobertLover411: i guess
Avman818: you guess??? whats up ang?
RobertLover411: nothing
Avman818: ok
Avman818: well your probably busy i will let you go hope
to talk to you soon i guess
RobertLover411: I'm not busy
Avman818: looking for more bags?
RobertLover411: no
Avman818: what ya up to then?
RobertLover411: I'm just sitting here pissed off
Avman818: may i ask why you are pissed off?
RobertLover411: why do you think
Avman818: you still pissed at me i take it
RobertLover411: yes
RobertLover411: not so much pissed as I am disapointed
Avman818: dissapointed at what happened years ago??
RobertLover411: yes
Avman818: i am sorry to you angela i dont know what i can
do i know i was wrong i regret it very much i dont know
what to do
RobertLover411: I can't look at you the same anymore, you
make my uncomfortable now, It's not like before
Avman818: why do i make you uncomfortable
RobertLover411: I don't know why
RobertLover411: This conversation needs to stop, I'm not
going to cry myself to sleep tonight like I did last night
Avman818: well angela you know how i feel about you and you
know that i have always cared for you i may have done
stupid things in the past but i cant change that i would
like to talk to you in person about this sometime but that
is up to you you have my numbers i hope that you use them
i miss you angela and i am sorry