Jena's Rants
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2001-05-30 14:17:37 (UTC)

I died, was resurrected, and only missed one day of work........................

Beat that Jesus, it took him three whole days. Just
fucking around. So, I have not written in my Journal for a
few days now and I have so much to tell myself about. In
actuallity I just write in this damned thing so i can
remember what lies I've told to whom. Whatever, anywho -
went to HFStival on Monday, that was fun. I was mad manic
in the beginning but oh well, it subsided. Towards the end
of the evening we were all pretty tired, dirty, beat down,
and grumpy so the ride home was a little rocky, but that
too subsided. Yesterday I took off of work, just complete
madness with no sleep and all that shit from HFS just wore
me down so I stayed home and thought all day about how I
should not have taken off. I am not telling my days
adventures in any order - so deal with it. I have to get
the jumble out of my head as the candy machine dispenses
it. Sunday night Hopinononefoot finally finished having
fun with his older bro ,(and breaking his back), while
setting up sound for some gigs out in Hagerstown and in
VA. Later that night we hung out and he stayed the night
at my house so that we could go to HFS. I also picked King
Herbage so that he could chill at my house with all of us
and smokey a little wacky tobaccy (if you know what I
mean). So, I can't really remember the rest of the
weekend, it is all kind of blurry - so oh well. If I
remember it I will be sure to make a notation. Oh and I
will be moving this weekend back to the city. Hopefully,
but very very very likely. My homey from the Paper Moon
Cafe is hooking me up until I can find a house that I like
or whatever. Very cool guy, we shall henceforth refer to
him as One Who Rolls His Jeep. See he too shares car
rolling experiences on busy highways. Remember kids, there
is strength in numbers - Words to live by when facing a
bunch of cops in riot gear. Nevermind the details, I will
tell you when you are older........