No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-05-30 13:59:07 (UTC)

Ghosts, we've all seen them

I've seen ghosts for about 2 years now. I'm one of those
"gifted" people. I'm sure most of you that ead this dont
beleive in the supernatural. i am a full on Christian and i
see things. It all started when i lived in a small town
(canandaigua) in New york. It is a quiet beautiful place,
epecially out in the town. I lived right around the corner
froma cemetary with babys and war vetrans, every type of
person. One day i noticed the cemetary was getting larger
rather quickly. Thye had extended it to across the street.
I then started seeing things in my barn outside and in the
house. In the barn two boys were upstairs playing tag, one
accidently tagged the other too hard and he fell of the
side into the stairs. the brother tried to save him but
wasnt strong anugh and was pulled down along with him. help
came too late. After all of this, i started usuing the Ouji
Board. Now i see ghosts and spirits all the time. I'm
rather use to it. I Just had to tell you guys the small bit
of informaton. Now i bet you think i'm absolutly crazy!