The Life of a Fairy! }}{{
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2002-04-24 23:43:11 (UTC)

my bestfriend ana......

ok,every one in the world is on my last nerve.i am about to
seriously go psycho and kill everyone.theyhave just jumped
on my last nerve like a trampoline *to caleen who thinks
that is funny**inside joke** whenever i try to get help
from a family member they just yell at me.i hate it so
much.im to fat to go on that way that i have decided to
become ana.and sometimes i will be bulemic when i eat way
too much which is a lot.isee al these pretty skinny models
and i hear people say i should be a model cause im so
tall.but i cant because im too fat! so this way i can
become a model wihtout having the tire around my waist.
but thats all.and to danny~dont be mad cause i turned you
down,again, keep looking for that special* one and be
patient.love takes time.~ thats all .love you all(dearly
not querly,unless your a cute guy*)

^.~ jennifer,tree ,jin-

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