Good morning, penguins!
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2002-04-24 22:52:10 (UTC)


Hiked today. During biology we went up to the national park
(shenandoah) and took a walk partway up a mountain. We
looked at different plants and waded through an incredibly
cold stream. I was about up to my knees. It was incredibly
cold. Some people were deeper, though, and I was wearing
my pants with the zip-off legs, so they barely got wet. I
started an argument with someone about the pronunciation of
Audi. They say it's AW-dee, but I (and the company's TV
ads) say OW-dee. It's German. They don't say AW-dee.
Well, maybe they do, but anybody who normally speaks German
would agree. (Edit 4/28/02: When I said "Well, maybe they do...", I
meant that maybe they do use the "AW" sound, but definitely not in
this case, and not spelled "au".) He's a dort. Yes, that's dort.
It's the third person plural of the verb dormir, french for "to
sleep". (Edit 4/28/02: how did those slashes get in there?) We
thought it was a funny insult.