Fitz's Suga

Replying to Adam
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2002-04-24 22:40:03 (UTC)

Okay so to finish up what i..

Okay so to finish up what i started earlier ( i can't even
remember what i had to finish, but yea anyways....)so once
again sorry to hear about your math competition and as i am
typing this there are two birds outside my window "mateing"
and it's pretty darn digusting, but i think the chipmunks
are getting a kick out of it...yea...oh so about my shin
splint, it hurts and is all taped up and everything, i'm
really starting to worry about it. i need some more advil
too, i'm getting all doped up on it. moving along, today
went by super fast and i played an intense two hours of
tennis straight since we had block scheulding (which sucks)
this week. it's so weird staying in classes for freaking
forever, my lord! anyhow, i have to write some editorial to
repsond back to this guy's column talking about how school
sports are bad, so i'll hit you back later babe, love ya
lots, tell big w i say the usual,
Stephy =)