The lost little girl
2002-04-24 21:23:46 (UTC)

happy hump day!

"if you don't know what hump day is you're a sped..."- anon

well i went up to gempka's with crystal on monday night.it
was wicked cool. mostly cuz gregg came...YAY!!! i was so
stoked. it took him a while to find the place but that is
b'cuz he lives in the middle of no where.if you want to know
more about this night ask b'cuz i'm not gonna write
everything down on line...but it's worth asking...it was an
awesome night...!
hung out with crystal yesterday, we didn't do much only
b'cuz it was one of those days when everyone is gone and you
can't find anything to do. i know you understand what i am
talking about for sure :)!
tomorrow is kareoke so i'm wicked happy. it's gonna be great
b'cuz gregg is gonna try to show up after work if he can. and
i think we are still going to aggie's after kareoke so i
think i'm gonna ask greg if he wants to come up to that.
well that is all for now..i'll write on friday to let you
know how my thursday night went...ttyl ..love you ...- janie

daily quote :
" Dave..i'm not a homophobe....wait..what is poking me in
the ass?" -craig at gempka's party