Sarah's Secrets
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2001-05-30 11:27:54 (UTC)

From hell to heaven in 3 split seconds


7:00 A.M

The morning washell, as you know, self. but then at about
11:15, I ran into paul, the school counsiler. We went into
his office, and I bawled my eyes out, telling him
everything that's happened in this past month and a half. I
kept asking him things like "Why would they want to hurt
me?" "Why would they do that to anyone!?" And he told me
that it wasn't my fault, I'm not a bad person. At the
biggining of the year, in E.I.P (group talk at school) I
noticed ne of the girls, she was always telling me how much
she hated her mother, and I told her, "How can you hate
your mother? I LOVE my mother, even if she's a bitch
sometimes." and she just kept telling me these rude and
crude things about her mother. But... She was smiling while
she said everything... and she was as hyper as anything. I
knew that something was wrong. after we were done E.I.P, I
told Paul, Nancy, and Joanne (the E.I.P runners) and they
said thanks and everything, but I could tell they didn't
think anything was wrong with Julia and her mother. So,
they talked to her, and it turns out that, something is
wrong. Something big. All I know is that I saved her life,
they won't tell me what is was, because it was
confidencial. At first, Julia was flipping out that they
found out her little secret, but a couple weeks later, she
was telling me how much she loved her mother, and how they
bonded for the first time. Anyways, back to Paul and me
talking. He told me that none of them (Paul, Nancy, Joanne)
had the slightest clue that something was wrong with Julia.
And he told me that if someone tells me that I'm too
sensitve, just to say, thank you. Because he said that with
my gift, no one, NO ONE else saw that coming. If I wasn't
as sensitive as I was, I wouldn't have seen it either. And
he told me all this stuff, then, asked me if I'd like to
talk to someone out of Jen, Maria, Lindsay, Eden, Meghan,
and Amanda. I asked to talk to eden. He was surprised, and
asked me why I picked her. I said, "Well, because I'm
pretty sure that she's been putting on an act since the
biggining of the year, so people would like her, so I think
that I could break her in a little easier. Then, I would
tell her how much her and her friends have been hurting me.
Another reason I picked her is because she is sortof the
leader of the group. And also because she has a big mouth,
and I'm sure she'll tell Amanda, Maria, etc how I feel, and
maybe they'd stop! So paul called down Eden from her class,
and he gave us the room to talk alone. My recommendation,
of course. I didn't know Eden was such a nice person. In
fact, I broke her in so much, that she started telling me
about her own problems! She said that her sister and a
friend got her into drugs, and she can't stop now. I really
regret judging Eden as a slut who puts on a stupid act
because she is as insecure as... whatever. I really do
regret it, self. And I told her, too, how much I regret it.
She promised me they wouldn't do anything anymore, but she
told me she hated me because Meghan told her I hated her,
and called her names and stuff. (not true!) Well, bye,