ahoy hoy
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2002-04-24 21:22:33 (UTC)

skin stop attacking me!

Am so itchy, and I don’t know why. Its only my arms so
that’s good. I got lazy today and didn’t go to lunch ,
mmmmm I had rice instead that I made , it was good. Well
compared to cafeteria rice. (now that is some nasty shit)
hmm nothing cool going on with me have to call the tang
center tomorrow and cancel an appointment.

My head hurts my arms are itchy , body stop attacking
me. Stop stop……..
Well I think am going to stop typing I really don’t have
anything interesting to tell…. Shit I should be tying a
paper that due tom. I still font even have sources, for
my annotated bibliography, it’s a research paper, and I
have done absolutely no research. I know that’s bad but
I’ll get it done, I had a 5 page paper due yesterday at 6
pm I didn’t start working on it until 3 pm that same day.
Am so bad I have never procrastinated that bad. Funny
thing is I got it done by 6 and it was actually good..

Seven heaven is the shittiest show in the world, along with
touched by an angel and any other show that come on, on PAX

Organized religions suck, well all of them people are
always killing each other for it. Its silly, they go
against everything their holly books tell them, and they
say its ok because it’s the will of their god. Whatever.
Sure . Looneys .

Tata ^_^
must do something productive, like write my paper for 20th
C. African - American Lit