2002-04-24 21:07:51 (UTC)

April 24, 2002... 4:00 p.m.

Got lots to write.

Well, just a note first. I went to this place North of my
school. (Sorry for the interuption Dude,
but I was rudely interrupted by a bitch that is a.k.a. Bozo, or a
term I prefer not to use, dad.) I was gonna write that I'm home
alone, for now. (Atleast I was.) I had my incense stick,
burning. It actually smells nicely when you burn it. Unfortunately I
knew that as soon as someone gets home they are gonna say, "Put out
that smoke! "Ty narkomanko" Look who'se talking! He didn't say that
this time, but he said that he doesn't smoke so I should put that
out. (Very meanly) Now that I think of it, he DID smoke though. ALOT.
When he was practically 2/3 my age he started. What a fucking
hypocrite! Besides, I have to put up with this stuff all the time
when I drive to school. What I do is just for a nice scent, but they
endanger me every time they light that thing by me. I don't like
that. I wish I could just leave. But I can't. No wait, I can. But I
may not. The laws give me about 9 more months of hell to go through.

I know alot of people tell me that once I move out, I'm gonna be so
overwhelmed with responcibility that I'm gonna wanna move back. I
don't care. And I know that they say, that they said the same thing
when they were in that point in life. And yes I know it is grand to
have things free, instead of paying for anything and everything in
your life. But there are certain things I simply must have, that
money can't buy, and they can't provide me with.

I was looking for roomies and I have two on my list of maybe's. 1 is
my friend who is already in College, the other, my old friend from
grade school. The one in college says she doesn't really wanna move
out, but kinda does. If the opportunity comes by she'll do it. Cyndi
on the other hand wants to move out A.S.A.P. just like me. (hey that
rhymes) So I'm thinking her and me in the same apartament would be
cool. Cause she's cool, responcible, and just a good friend. I asked
Kathy and she said that she will see. Most likely she won't move out
right after 18 cause it will be pointless. She wants to move into a
dorm or sorority while in college. Oh and she is thinking of going
Columbia too; majoring in Theatre as well as me. I hope we don't end
up in the same classes again. Although I wouldn't mind it all that
much. I don't think.

Second part of this note: I was also wearing my old work shirt from
A.K. I didn't wanna have anyone ask why am I wearing it. What do they
care? My reason for it was that it was real warm before so I put on a
short shirt, and now I was cold when I sat to the computer, so I put
on the first thing I had near me. Which happened to be my old work
shirt cause we had to buy them, and since we are moving, everything
is getting dug up. My mom dug this up while going through our pile of
clothes we don't wear anymore.

Yet again, people bug me about these little things. Even Danish.
Which I didn't expect would say anything since he never really cares.
It sure brings back memories. I'm glad I only sored the good ones
within this shirt. Not the bad ones. This shirt only contains the
memories of good friends, good times, and good situations. I hope it
will stay that way.