The Chronicles of My Life
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2002-04-24 21:01:29 (UTC)

I haven t written since like..

I haven't written since like forever. I think the last
time i wrote was right after my surgery. Since then
nothing extremely exciting has happened. I want to beat
Will realy bad, just give him a nice shot to the face. He
doesn't leave me alone. Just because he made b-squad and i
didn't. The days that we tried out for varsity and b-squad
i played really terrible. I dhot a 63 one day and a 55 the
other day. Two days later, after i got a pitching wedge, I
shot a 44. I'm really bad with my lob wedge- chipping
acconted for about 1/3 of all my shot in the qualifying
rounds. Oh well. I still have 3 more years. It's really
strange not having knowledge bowl or science olympiad or
speech or math league everyday after school anymore.
Speeches and Cream was last night, but i didn't go cuz i
was sick. I missed school today too because i was sick.
The NHL play-offs started last week. It looked like
Vancouver was going to kick Detroit out right away, after
they won the first game in over time, and then won the
second game 5-2, but Detroit has won the last 2 games.
That bites.
I saw Tru COnfessions last night. That was pretty
touching. I saw Drive Me Crazy the other night too. It
was pretty good, but the ending was weird.

I can't think of anything else worth saying.
Until Later

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