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2002-04-24 20:40:38 (UTC)


nothing has been going on lately. Just rehearsing every day
for the play, and we are getting better and better at
remembering lines.We all still need to work on it more
though.I'm going to San Antonio with Beth on May 10 and
it's gonna be fun. Last night i got real upset over the
food my dad wasted. He made too much potatos and i can only
shove so much starch in my body but he made a lot anyways
and then he put the rest in the garbage disposal i was so
upset. It like ruined my whole night i felt so awful the
whole rest of the night over the starving people in other
countries.I mean damn we pee in water that they could
drink! so i just went off on one of my little sad moments.
I also went off about some drugs and everything cause i'm
upset over Layne and i was going off about drugs then
thought i was being a big hyprocrite so i just went to
sleep to give my mind a rest and that didn't work. So oh
well i'll be fine.

Layne Staley