2002-04-24 19:06:24 (UTC)


This is starting to get really creepy. This website I found
is a journal kept by a girl with MPD. The only problem is,
she has over 2000 people living inside her and they all
write their own entries. A lot of them are vampires, or
demons, or half-cat-half-humans, and they talk about
some of the strangest shit I have ever heard in my life.
Some of them were around for only part of her life,
some of them claim to have been wandering around as
lost spirits and sort of found her and joined the ranks,
some of them were inate. It only gets more interesting.
This topic choice has certainly proven to be a good one.
I don't think I have the right mindframe for this...I am
having trouble grasping the concept that this girl really
truly considers them actual people or spirits or demons
or vampires who have chosen to reside within her body.
I can't shake the closed-minded thought that these
"personalities" are just products of a chemical
imbalance or extreme childhood trauma or stress. I
would love to be able to be in her shoes for just a day,
to see what it's like to have so many "people" crowding
your mind.

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