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:: inside my mind ::
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2001-05-30 08:11:03 (UTC)

:: thank you ::

thank you
for being a hypocrite
so i learned from you
never to judge
a fierce looking face
nor the innocent one

thank you
for not keeping your promise
so i learned from you
not to promise anything
or give people hope
when i myself
am doubtful to fulfill

thank you
for trying hard to be nice
so i learned from you
the best is being myself
and when i see people smile at me
it doesn't always mean
that their hearts
smile to me, too

thank you for hurting me
you made me stronger

thank you for leaving me
you gave me a better life
and more peaceful mind

i do not hate you
nor i love you
i have forgiven you
the day all the wounds
caused by you
were gone

just wish you
can also learn
from what you did to me

tue - may/30/2001
14:09 gmt 7

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