2002-04-24 18:21:58 (UTC)

There are many of us in here...

The desire, the agency lay in flight. Literally to fly away.
Watching suspended from the ceiling in animated
states of disassociation no longer sufficed. [HE raped
ME. Did not. Did too. Might've. Could've. Should've. But
we saw HIM. Didn't we?] We split. That was the original
attempt at flight. We divorced ourselves from THE "Self,"
THE "Core," THE unified subject (as if She ever truly
existed). Really what we did (D.I.D.) do was attempt to
leave the striated spaces of THE (molar) BODY behind.

The terror and pain were back in the woman's face..."I'll
draw you a picture
sometime." The face looked sad. "When I get to play..."
For whatever reason,
this child felt safe enough with him to stay for a while.
Then he saw it:
her body stance beginning a slow transformation from
a free-moving child
to one who huddled into herself and regarded her
surroundings with
terror...Silence. A tremor shook her. She tried to tell
how old she was, counting on her fat-fingered hands.
She cried in frustration when she got to
six and couldn't go any further...
"Time," she said, still
crying and beating
the fat little
hands together,
"time just..."
- Chase (180)*

I am doing a research paper on multiple personality
disorder/disassociative identity disorder for my english
class. The above two excerpts were found during the
course of my research thus far. I don't know why I have
chosen this I am not inflicted by this disorder
nor do I know anyone who is. However, upon reading
"All Around the Town" by Mary Higgins Clark many years
ago, I was fascinated by it and have been ever since.

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