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2002-04-24 18:16:47 (UTC)

Me and Eryn

yea so i have no idea what the hell to write.. uh.. i have
a g/f named eryn.. My ex writes on here all the time.. ya..
some of you may know who she is.. since she tells me that
people e-mail her telling her to fucking drop me and all
this crazy shit! anyways.. her name is jen.. she is
awsome.. i have ended up hurting her alot.. and i know she
will read this.. and i am sorry.. but you have to do what
makes you happy.. and eryn is making me happy.. so what can
i say.. eryn is awsome.. she is like my good friend.. but
g/f.. yea.. it's hard to explain.. i get to see her
tonight.. hopefully.. cause i am kinda having a bad day
and she can say anything and it makes me better.. But i
just read my ex's diary and i don't know if she is trieing
to make me jealous wiht her story about her new g/f but
uh.. well i am not gonna get into it.. but lets just say
i'm fine about it.. i have my g/f she has hers... lets go
on with life.. ok.. so im gonna stop bitchin about that
shit.. so i am talkin to this dude who says he knows me and
i think he does he know all my ex's but he says we almost
had sex but i was only 15 and he went down on me.. uh.. i
sure the hell do not remember that.. I think he is full of
shit.. cause i have never let a guy do that until the
second time i had sex with a guy.. yea.. that is
disgustin!!!!!ahh.. he keeps telling me it happened. this is nasty..
he said i was 16 or 17.. and uh.. i had a g/f.. this guy is crazy..
yea anyways.. i am gonna go.. hopefully eryn pages me soon.. but she
is probably sleeping she sleep to damn much.. but it's ok.. i think i
need to become a insomniac.. she complains that i get to tired at
night.. but i do i can't help it.. so i am gonna take some caffien
pills or somthin.. yea anyways.. im am gonna go..

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